About Album

GleAM Records is proud to announce the release of M.O.B.A.,the new musical project by producer and pianist Angelo Mastronardi, available on digital download / streaming from 14 May 2021. The release will be preceded by the single “Five Drops” out on 30 April 2021.

In this new work, pianist and producer Angelo Mastronardi seeks a new balance between the interaction of the piano trio formed by Paolo Romano(electric bass), Gianluca Aceto(semi-acoustic bass) and Paolo Colazzo(drums) and the tonal possibilities offered. by electric instruments and synthesizers, played by the leader Angelo Mastronardi (piano, fender rhodes & synth) and by the beatmaker Bonbooze(synth & drum machine), together with the winds played by Emanuele Coluccia(alto and tenor saxophone) and by Marco Gianfreda (trumpet) .

The pianist starts from seven of his compositions and involves the musicians in a process of sharing ideas and arrangements. The result is a music that perfectly blends writing and improvisation. A research that goes further to redesign the idea of ​​structure and bring together different languages ​​in a new form. Ultimately an aesthetic manifesto of the GleAM label and its more transversal editorial line.

The musicians

Angelo Mastronardi – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synth
Emanuele Coluccia – Alto Sax (track 2,5,7), Tenor Sax (track 5)
Marco Gianfreda – Trumpet
Bonbooze – Synth (1,5,7) Drum Machine (tracks 1)
Paolo Romano – Electric Bass (tracks , 4, 5, 7, 9)
Gianluca Aceto – Semi-Acoustic Bass (track 2)
Paolo Colazzo – Drums & Percussion (all tracks except track 1)

The Tracklist

  1. Here and Now
  2. Gleam
  3. Beyond Sight
  4. From Z to A
  5. No Walls
  6. Far is Around the Corner
  7. Know the Way
  8. Five Drops
  9. River


Release Date : Maggio 14, 2021
Artist : Angelo Mastronardi
Label : GleAM Records/IRD
Genres : Contemporary, Instrumental, Jazz, Neo Soul
Catalog ref. : AM7005 - EAN 8059018220049

Recorded on november 2020 at GleAM Studio (Lecce)
Mixed & Mastered on march 2020 at MDLab Studio Lecce
Sound Engineer: Marco D’Agostinis
Artwork: Fatima Michela Ahmad
Graphic: Studioclessidra.it
Produced by GleAM Records
Printed in Italy 2021