About Album

New Things, Same Words, the second album of the Italian pianist Angelo Mastronardi, is now available worldwide and in digital stores, produced by GleAM Records.

In line with the former work, “New Things, Same Words” reveals in its title the key elements for the interpretation of the author’s concept map, referring to originality as a combination of preexisting elements. Melodic spontaneity is combined with structural research.

The recording includes all original compositions written by the italian pianist except for track 6, written by Emanuele Coluccia. For the first time the author introduces new instruments like Fender Rhodes (tracks 3, 4), soprano saxophone (tracks 1, 2) and tenor saxophone (tracks 3, 5, 6, 7).

The harmonic language is more complex, quite in opposition to the simple and cantabile melodies, that however hide sophisticated rythmic textures and unusual metric solutions, in line with the research started by the pianist in his former album.

Improvisations reveal the influence of the new American avant –garde and the jazz tradition with a typical European sensibility for sound, space and dynamics.

The musicians

Angelo Mastronardi – piano & Fender Rhodes
Emanuele Coluccia – tenor & soprano saxophones
Stefano Rielli – double bass
Alex Semprevivo – drums

The Tracklist

  1. New Things, Same Words (A. Mastronardi)
  2. Irish Air (A. Mastronardi)
  3. Hydra (A. Mastronardi)
  4. Gare du Nord (A. Mastronardi)
  5. Southern Medicine (A. Mastronardi)
  6. Tre (E. Coluccia)
  7. Burggarten (A. Mastronardi)

New Things, Same Words

Release Date : Gennaio 11, 2017
Artist : Angelo Mastronardi
Label : GleAM Records/IRD
Catalog ref. : AM7001 - EAN 8059018220001

Recorded April 2016 at Sudestudio, Lecce
Sound Engineer – Stefano Manca
Mixed & Mastered May 2016 at Studio Sorriso, Bari
Sound Engineer – Tommy Cavalieri
Cover Photo © Valentina Matarrelli
Produced by GleAM Records ®