About Album

ART of The Messengers, the debut album by drummer Alex Semprevivo, is now available worldwide and in digital stores, produced by GleAM Records.

The drummer worked in this project in close contact with the pianist and producer Angelo Mastronardi, engaged together with the leader in the drafting of the arrangements for which they took care of the harmonic and structural look in line with a shared aesthetic vision, in which respect and love for the music of the Messengers are combined with the innovative trends developed side by side in the second record of the pianist (New Things, Same Words GleAM Records 2017 / Believe Digital).

An energetic drive with an incisive drive in which respect for the hardbop tradition meets the interesting rhythmic solutions of the leader and the band’s unexpected incursions into high-profile modern jazz.

The musicians

Alex Semprevivo – drums
Giovanni Chirico – tenor saxophone
Andrea Perrone – trumpet
Gaetano Carrozzo – trombone
Angelo Mastronardi – piano
Paolo Romano – acustic & electric basso
Giorgia Santoro – flute on So Tired
Fabrizio Martina, ala Jolly Mare (Minimoog Model D on Kalling Miss Khadija)

The Tracklist

  1. No Problem (D. Jordan)
  2. Kalling Miss Khadija (L. Morgan)
  3. Free for All (W. Shorter)
  4. Sortie (C. Fuller)
  5. So Tired (B. Timmons)
  6. Jodi (W. Davis Jr.)
  7. One by One (W. Shorter)
  8. Wee Dot (J.J. Jonson)
  9. No Problem (D. Jordan) Jolly Mare Remix

Art of The Messengers

Release Date : Giugno 14, 2019
Artists : Alex Semprevivo, Angelo Mastronardi, Others
Label : GleAM Records/IRD
Catalog ref. : AM7002 - EAN 8059018220018

Recorded, mixed & mastered on february 2019 at Md Lab Studio in Lecce
Sound Engineer: Marco D’Agostinis
Art & Graphic : Studioclessidra.it
Produced by GleAM Records ®
Printed in Italy 2019